Are you a Bank looking for a new way to charge for existing products?

Are you a Bank in need of pricing and billing for new products in the market?

Are you tired of big and clunky solutions that require high customization to fit the quirks of the European Market?

Would you believe that there is a finished product, an out of the box solution for Pricing & Billing specifically in the European Market?

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Our story

We are a group of experts who live and breathe Pricing & Billing for Banks. Together we have almost a century of experience and our competence comes from all sides of the equation, being former bankers, business architects, analysts and technical. We understand the customer value as well as the business value of the bank and most important the infrastructure and technical difficulties of Bank IT. We have been part of the business teams at the procuring banks, project teams at the bank responsible for implementing the solutions and the implementation teams at the technology providers, international experience with specific focus on European requirements.

All our past experiences called out an obvious and clear need for banks in this region - an out of the box solution that can be implemented with speed and with limited customization, while getting the benefits from using a standard product.

This thought led to the development of our product that was built specific to that purpose. Our vision is to help the Banks consolidate the Pricing & Billing functions into a modern and standard product enabling a future proof solution.

Our product gives the Bank the opportunity to focus on their digitalization drive without having to worry about how and where to price and bill. Innovation and new products will be easier than ever, which will lead to quick time to market and better customer experience, resulting in increased market share and revenue.

We are proud to offer our product P2B which Banks can implement with minimal time and cost.

We are a Swedish company based out in Stockholm ready to help the Banks in their inevitable transformation journey.

We advise you to talk to us before you say, “it’s too good to be true”.

What we do

One of the core functionalities for any company is the ability to price and bill their clients for services rendered. It is crucial to charge your customers in line with the complex agreements signed between company and customer.

Banks have additional complexity and challenges in this space due to the lack of harmonization between multiple product lines, tightened regulations, ever-increasing demand for digitalization, market competition and price pressure. 
Historically, Banks have taken the ability to charge for granted due to inbuilt capability to debit customers’ accounts. Many banks are still relying on the siloed pricing and billing solutions which are not adequate to meet the current demanding digitalized banking world; both in retail and commercial space.
This calls for a modern product that can help banks to meet the varying demands within their market targeted customer segment.

That is where our product P2B can help.


P2B is a product that enables banks to harmonize and centralize their Pricing & Billing capabilities. This provides an efficient and simple way to take care of the varying needs customers as well as regulators. P2B offers out of the box features and simple configurations based on industry standards and expectations; heavily reducing customizations to meet the market demands.

Our product is modern and built for the future

Fully API enabled

Micro service architecture

Cloud ready

Communication format agnostic

Banks can use P2B as a true partner in the Bank’s digitalization journey, bringing value right from the start.

Major components of the products are

Product & Services

Product Management enables banks to create and manage billable products and services as single or in a group context. The module enables Banks to roll out new offerings and price propositions to the market quick and easy with capabilities to simulate profitability on a need basis. All products can be configured with VAT if applicable.


Customer Management enable Banks to manage the customer, account and other counterparty information, such as bankgiro number, which is relevant for the pricing and billing. The product is built to consume the relevant information from the Bank’s existing core systems or through external files or APIs through pre-defined and flexible integration patterns. P2B has inbuilt capabilities to manage customer organizational structures dynamically, including changes due to events like mergers, acquisitions etc.


Proposal Management enables the Banks to digitalize the customer proposal process for the sales team. The capabilities include, but is not limited to, multiple proposal creation, customer profitability simulation, cross customer proposals, automatic transition of confirmed proposals to price agreement avoiding operational risks etc.


Price Management enables the Banks to manage the price structure for products and services at various levels. To enable Banks to roll out innovative pricing propositions for existing and new services, a variety of pricing mechanisms are made available out of the box. Based on the Bank’s price management strategy, pricelists can be managed at the Global level and/or at the Bank defined entity level, such as country, segment, etc. Negotiated pricing at the customer or account level can be managed based on the agreements with capability to inherit prices to subsidiaries for multi-entity corporations. Internal cost of the services can be managed at the granular level to perform profitability analysis at service level, service group level and/or customer level etc.


Billing ensures that all the consumed services are charged according to the price agreements and billed to the customers based on their billing settings and VAT definitions. P2B enables banks to create Invoices based on the customer preference with capability to distribute the invoices to the customers through a variety of industry formats. This includes electronically in the bank’s own channels, through e-invoice, or as a PDF for distribution via post. The product generates an out of the box XML file detailing all the charges of an invoice which can be consumed by the bank’s downstream solutions for various needs.

Account Receivable

Account Receivable ensures that accruals are managed daily, per customer, for better cash flow predictions. Other major capabilities include - Accounting file at debit- and credit invoice creation, automated invoice payment reconciliation, direct debit initiation of payment for customer invoice, credit invoice process, collection initiation when necessary, etc.

Ready Made Capabilities for the European Market

  • P2B has features and capabilities to manage the Pricing & Billing functionalities of all types of Transaction services offered by the Banks. Capabilities includes but are not limited to
  • Transaction based
  • Service subscription-based
  • Payments – To manage domestic- and cross border payments in multiple currencies including all European currencies. Also supporting the standards related to the SEPA framework.
  • Various Price algorithms – Volume based, Value based, Multiple types of Tiered pricing (Threshold, Average Tier, Apportioned Tier), Fixed price, etc.
  • Charge Owner vs. Payee – Charging entities other than initiator or owner. Ex. Charging cash pool setup, reporting charges, etc.
  • To support Bankgiro services, P2B offers ready made capabilities to replace the use of BG Faktura. The system is 100% ready to consume all existing files being sent from Bankgirot as well as managing the necessary integrations in the bank’s infrastructure. P2B will help you in a quick manner to set up a tactical solution in order to discontinue the costly use of BG Faktura. At the same time, you will create a platform for a future more holistic overview of your product- and customer pricing, easier maintenance and greater flexibility compared to existing Pricing & Billing solutions in the bank.
  • P2B will ensure alignment with the new P27 payment infrastructure. We are compliant to handle all payment types using ISO 20022 and existing standards related to cross border payments and SEPA. The target of P27 is to establish a common payment infrastructure withing the European region with real-time, batch, domestic and cross border payments to be carried out quickly and cost efficiently. The standardization across the European landscape already in line with the architecture of P2B, as a standard solution.
  • P2B has features and capabilities to manage the pricing and billing functionalities of Custody services. Some of the capabilities includes but are not limited to
  • Management of standard pricelists across the Global markets
  • Charge the services based on Asset under Custody
  • Charge the services based on basis points or percentage
  • Charge the services based on Asset Type (Equities, Fixed Income, Funds etc)
  • Charge Settlement transactions based on Asset Type, Transaction type etc
  • Charge Corporate Actions and Reporting
  • Manage the charging of funds and fund companies
  • P2B has features and capabilities to manage the charging of Retail services and customers. Some of the capabilities includes but not limited to
  • Immediate charging based on purchase of service or transaction
  • API to provide the applicable price to other systems
  • Flexible charging based on account cycle
  • Automatic discounting based on customer engagement
  • P2B has features and capabilities across lines of businesses to enable Banks to be compliant, modern and be a true partner to the customers. Some of the capabilities includes but are not limited to
  • Full-fledged audit capability to track and review the changes to ensure that changes are supervised for quality
  • Management of user entitlements and data level access to ensure that users have only the relevant access rights to perform their jobs
  • Standard Billing Output formats enabling Banks to offer the market standard formats to the customers. To name some - E-invoice (PEPPOL and Svefaktura), TWIST for Large Corporates, ERP integration, etc.



  • Use market best practice
  • Use standard processes, interfaces and integrations
  • Compliance by design
  • Utilize industry standard output available

Standard solution for IT and business operations will reduce cost


  • Short time to market for new products
  • Open for new solutions from the market
  • Bring new innovative pricing schemes to your customers
  • Harmonize and digitilize across products, segments and countries

Continuous enchancements and innovation with speed increase market share

Increase CI-ratio

  • Decrease revenue leakage
  • Increase top-line revenue by charging from first to last day of contract
  • Decrease cost by reducing number of internal and external systems managing pricing and billing
  • Decrease cost by improving operational handling

Scalable solution across the bank will increase profitablility

Additional Values

Extensive experience within the Pricing & Billing domain solving various challenges for the European Banks
Product is designed and built from the ground up, specifically for Banks with special focus on the European market

Cloud ready with option for on-prem deployments
Painless implementation

Continuous rollout of new features at no cost
Let us worry about new standards and formats

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Reach us for getting a demo and further access to a sandbox environment to give you a hands on experience.

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